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Enrichment Instructions in PDF Format


Click on the picture to open a PDF of the instructions. As we put our instructions into a presentable format, we'll post them here.  Please feel free to send us edits, questions, suggestions, or any other comments. We'd like these to be as helpful to you as possible.  And we'd like them to all be magically ready to post, but this will be a long-term project. Check back often.


This is REALLY IMPORTANT (sorry to yell):  These instructions reflect how we make enrichment items. We do not and cannot know if items made from these instructions will be safe for the animals in your care as each animal has its own habits, personality, temperament, and abilities. Please check with your veterinarian, enrichment coordinator, curator, zookeeper, and/or whomever the Powers That Be are at your facility to be sure the enrichment you make from these (or any other) instructions will be safe for the animals who will use it. We also do not and cannot know if you will be safe using these instructions. They sometimes involve the use of sharp objects, power tools, lifting heavy things, and other potential hazards. Please check with your physician, if necessary, and use caution, care, and common sense.   


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General Instructions

Primarily Aquatic 

Processes and Skills (aka instructions for other than items)

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