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Hose2Habitat Visionary Original Backers



In July 2014, we held a successful Indigogo campaign to pay for the paperwork to form a nonprofit and start Hose2Habitat. Our friends who supported and humored us by contributing are listed here. To honor them...not to call them out as soft hearts and sweetie pies...though that's what they are.

James Goepel 

Jacqueline Febres

Rod Kareem

Robert & Margaret Olson

Cindy Saunders

Lindsay Febres

Joyce Whorton

Celine Baures

Hatton's Painting & Repairs

Tobias Dorsey

Jill Friesen

Janet Voight

Melissa Moore

Anthony Sciascia

Melissa Stone

Randall Baker

Pamela Humphries

Wilnie Petrash

Emily Siwarski

Morgan Milhausen

Kelly Moran

Lisa Daly

Anthony Slamin

Beth Kee

Charles Satterfield

Steve Satterfield

Lindsay Whalen

Nancy McNeillie

Ben Pittman



Cassi Rhodes

Sally Walker

Amy Gravell

Jan Nelemana

Lee Woodrum

Maria Higgins

Alicia Jones-McLeod

And of course...Anonymous



Hose2Habitat Honorary Original Backers


These people and one corporation did not know us when we formed Hose2Habitat in 2014. However, in our first years, they began supporting us with the energy and faith of a Visionary Original Backer and so we honor and thank them here (and in person...over and over again).


Julie Grove

Owens Corning

Michele Maza

Harley White



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