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Hose2Habitat is

a 501(c)(3) organization.


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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We respect your privacy. We don't collect or save any of your information when you visit our site. However, Wix hosts our site, so they can collect and save your information when you visit our site. Here is a link to the Wix pivacy policy:

The heart of the matter: This started as a passion project for two curmudgeons who were volunteer EMTs for Montgomery County Maryland Fire & Rescue, love animals and the planet, and saw dumpsters of fire hose going to landfills. Easy. Take the hose to a couple of nearby zoos a couple of times a year. Done. Clearly, that simple plan didn't last long.  That's because we discovered that zookeepers are generally amazing and we love working with most of them. And we started meeting some of the animals who benefit from the enrichment we facilitate and we couldn't help but love them. Joy. It's hard to resist, even for curmudgeons. So here we are...


The rest of the details: Hose2Habitat, headquartered in Maryland, is the only nonprofit organization in the world whose mission is to improve the physical and psychological well-being of wild animals in human care by providing and enhancing enrichment for those animals through the donation of recycled and other materials, workshops, and other services. We are 100% volunteer and our enrichment materials, workshops, and other services are free to keepers and animal care facilities so that cost to a facility does not prevent benefit to the animals. Usually, the enrichment we make and teach zookeepers about is made from stuff that would otherwise get tossed into landfills, so we're helping the environment, too.


We've worked with thousands of keepers and other animal care professionals and hundreds of zoos, animal sanctuaries, and other facilities. We learn a lot and meet some very good people along the way. We share what we learn and are always looking for ways to be of better service to the animals and the people who care for them. All of that can bring a lot of joy to a lot of living things.  Together, we work hard, learn much, and be of service. It's not just fun. It's joyful.


We are proud to be an American Association of Zoo Keepers Conservation Partner, a sponsor of the International Rhino Keeper Association, and to extend our services to non-invasive research, education, and conservation projects.


Check out the rest of our website and our Facebook page.  


                               Be a catalyst for joy.




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